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Nursery (Birth-2 years old)


The nursery is where our youngest kids can have the care they need. They play, explore and interact with each other and their teachers. Each child is prayed for and is offered a snack. We have developed an environment where every child to be cared for physically as well as spiritually. These kids participate in a developmentally appropriate bible story, multi-sensory activity and free play time! Parents are given resources to continue the conversation and activities at home.

Preschool (3-5 year olds)


The Pre-K room is where our kids are growing a base knowledge of scripture as well as beginning to understand what a relationship with Jesus means. These kids play games, make crafts, and engage in multi-sensory activities to stimulate growth in all areas of the brain. Kids are engaging in scripture and learning about how the whole Bible is a story of how we need Jesus to save us. Kids grow from being post-toddlers into being preschool kids. We also provide resources for parents to help navigate this transitional period of a kid’s life.

FaithKids (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)


The FAITHkids room is where kids are engaged. This is where we play exciting games, make lots of noise, run, jump, and get excited to be at church. Kids engage in meaningful discussions about some of the important questions about God. Some questions might be, who is God? Does he care about me? Why do bad things happen to good people? And so many more questions are discussed in a developmentally appropriate way for our kids.

FaithKids345 (3rd-5th Grade)


The FaithKids345 is where kids engage with each other, their leaders, and Christ. Kids will be able to express themselves, get excited, and ask questions. FaithKids345 is where kids can tackle the big questions of how do I fit in, where is God when I need him, is any of this stuff about Jesus real and how does it apply to my life and why do I care about it? As these kids face more and more from the world, FaithKids345 aims to be a place for them to connect and live in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

BLAST (K-5th Grade)


BLAST is our Sunday night program for elementary age kids. Kids are excited to come and play games, eat snacks, connect with each other and have a BLAST! Kids are able to develop relationships and have a place to belong. 

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